Finding Personal Injury Specialists In The Houston Area

by Terry Bryant

Personal injury specialists in the Houston area can be hard to find, because only a small portion of practicing lawyers are qualified to take on these cases. Attorneys who work in this area of law must be able to handle a variety of cases, from medical malpractice to vehicle accidents to product liability. They must be able to keep up with a field that changes quickly and handle many cases at once. To do this effectively, a lawyer needs to have a dependable team and years of experience in the field.

In Texas, there are about 70,000 practicing lawyers. Only about 10 percent of these lawyers are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, or TBLS. Attorneys certified by the TBLS may work in a number of different fields of law, including those that wish to be personal injury specialists. Getting certified in this area requires at least five years of experience in law, with three years dedicated to the specific field. The attorney must also accrue enough continuing education credits through the TBLS. When the lawyer satisfies these requirements, they must furnish at least 10 vetted and qualified references to the board. They must then take a lengthy certification exam that covers relevant topics in their chosen field. Once a professional is certified, they must continue to take continuing education courses every year to keep their status.

These professionals should also have an active membership in several industry organizations, like the Houston Trial Lawyers Association or the Texas Trial lawyers Association.

Finding these experts can be done through the TBLS website. Its locator service will spotlight any certified attorneys in a given area and their experience level, allowing a person to make an informed decision.

These legal experts must have a wide range of knowledge and expertise because they must oversee a large variety of cases. For example, they may be called on to help people hurt in a vehicle accident, a misdiagnosed hospital patient, or a family who has lost someone to mesothelioma, among other cases. Because this area of law is so complex, a victim should select an attorney that has many years of experience in the field.