A Personal Injury Case May Be The Only Option For A Victim

by Terry Bryant

A personal injury case is often the only option a victim has when they have been hurt by another party’s negligence. A vehicle accident, a defective product, a poorly maintained workplace – these can all leave victims in terrible shape, and take away their ability to work, or even just take care of themselves. A claim is intended to return to the victim a measure of compensation so that they can overcome any short and long-term financial difficulties arising from the accident. This compensation may be essential to protecting the victim’s medical interests over time, and may get them the care they need.

A personal injury case may involve something as minor as a concussion resulting from a car wreck, or something as severe as brain damage or paralysis resulting from an explosion. In either event, though, the approach to the claim will be the same.

The attorney, after consulting with the victim and taking into consideration their evidence, will notify the defendant of the victim’s damages and the impending claim. A demand letter formalizes the process, and is a standard legal document that outlines the worth of the victim’s damages and the nature of their injuries. At this point, the defendant may settle or may go to court. If they do, evidence will be revealed and discussed, and the victim will be examined by the defense.

Eventually, the claim will either enter the settlement phase or will proceed to arbitration or to trial by jury. In all situations, an attorney will prove extremely valuable.