Personal Injury Accidents Can Be Caused By Nearly Anything

by Terry Bryant

No field of law is as extensive as personal injury law, as accidents can occur anywhere and at any time. There’s no predicting who will become a victim, but no matter who is harmed by a defective product, a careless driver or a negligent employer, an attorney can assist them in attaining compensation. These cases involve a lot of evidence gathering and forceful settlement negotiations, and the process can carry on for months, or even years. But a successful claim will ensure a victim has the support they need for medical expenses and to replace any lost income.

Personal injury accidents can be caused by nearly anything, but there are some situations and products that increase the chances of an incident occurring. For example, vehicle crashes represent a huge portion of claims, as dangerous and inebriated driving frequently causes wrecks. Defective products are also the subject of many claims, and often include items like children’s toys, appliances, vehicles, and industrial equipment.

Dangerous drugs, though, often involve some of the largest settlements in the field, as they can cause life-threatening complications in thousands of patients. In many instances, defective drugs are the result of poor research and negligent business practices on the part of a pharmaceutical company.

In addition to these commons cases, workplace incidents, dog bites, burn and explosion incidents and maritime incidents are also the subject of many claims, so victims can think of a personal injury attorney as a general purpose representative for a victim that has sustained injuries from another party’s negligence.