The Risk Of Ovarian Cancer Caused By Using Talc Powder Is High

by Terry Bryant

Increased risk of ovarian cancer is linked to the use of talc powder, also widely known as baby powder. Manufacturers of the product have been aware of the link for years after several studies were conducted. Researchers have conducted studies for decades to understand the link between using the product and the risk of disease. The National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society consider the product, when used around or near genital areas, as a high-risk factor for the disease. Despite these studies, there are no warnings in place to inform consumers of the potential risk of using the product.

Many consumers have filed class action lawsuits against companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, for failing to warn women about the risk of developing the potentially deadly disease. A class action lawsuit refers to a type of lawsuit in which many people have been harmed by the same product or service and suffer similar injuries. This type of action is intended to recover the cost of the products, but not cover medical or other related expenses. If diagnosed with ovarian cancer from using talc powder, patients should consider talking with a product liability lawyer about other types of lawsuits they can file in order to seek medical compensation.