When Do You Contact An Attorney After A Oilfield Accident

by Terry Bryant

Has there been an oilfield accident at the worksite? Wondering whether to contact an attorney? When is the right time?
The extraction and manufacturing of gas and oil is a very hazardous process making this a volatile industry, and accidents are commonplace and often unavoidable. As a representative rushes to the victim’s hospital bedside with a check and forms to sign, it can often seem like the company has the employee’s best interest at heart. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

The company has one thing in mind: its own interests. That means it is up to the victims of such calamities to obtain legal representation that will protect their interests. The best time to start looking for legal representation is right after the incident, but the statute of limitations can be up to 6 years depending on the jurisdiction.

Defects in the drilling rigs can be the cause of many injuries, and a lawsuit can often target both the company and the manufacturer. A fall or slip can break bones and lead to permanent brain injury, and lack of sleep can cause delayed responses. The injury can be either employee or non-employee caused, so never admit fault after an oilfield accident.

It is vital to find legal representation that is knowledgeable and experienced in handing such litigation. Injured employees, or the heirs, have every legal and moral right to obtain appropriate compensation for the damages caused either voluntarily or involuntarily. In such a volatile industry it is the responsibility of the manufacturers and companies to protect their employees.

Not sure where to turn to obtain legal representation?
Contact attorneys in the area. Make a list comparing experience, education, and percentages. Many reputable attorneys won’t charge an upfront fee for services rendered. Instead, the attorney or firm will take a percentage from the money won in the lawsuit. If there is an oilfield accident, consider contacting an attorney as soon as possible to get the ball rolling.