Workers Hurt In An Oil Rig Explosion May Want A Maritime Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

An oil rig explosion is one of the worst disasters that can happen at sea, and it is almost always preventable. Hours away from rescue, workers on drilling platforms have to deal with some of the riskiest working conditions in the world. And if a platform’s safety personnel and equipment don’t do their job, it can put dozens of people in harm’s way. Unfortunately, negligence is widespread in the industry, and corporations often take unsafe chances for the sake of profit.

In general, an oil rig explosion follows a blowout, the term given to a sudden escape of pressurized gas or liquid around the drilling column. If the gas and liquid mixture, which is usually highly flammable, tears through the drilling column to the surface, it can be ignited by any open flame or spark, resulting in a terrifying conflagration. In most cases, workers don’t have the chance to protect themselves, leading to horrific casualty tolls and severe injuries. Burns and major trauma are common, and can leave a worker disfigured or permanently disabled.

In the aftermath of such an accident, hurt workers are often pressured into signing away their right to file a claim against an employer. These workers may then be taken advantage of and discarded as soon as they are considered a liability to the company. It is important to remember that an employer is rarely on your side in the event of an accident, which is why many injured workers turn to a maritime lawyer to help them through the claims process.