Oil Rig Accidents Are Quite Common & Compensation Can Be Tricky Without A Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

The number of deaths and injuries in oil rig accidents are on the rise as workers attempt to meet the Nation’s ever increasing petroleum needs. Occupations as physically demanding as working on an oil field or rig, when paired with the frequently long work hours, consistently high noise levels, large equipment, and flammable material is bound to have its dangers. Rigs that use fracking, properly known as hydraulic fracturing, add another level of peril through the use of fracturing fluid, which has been known to contain a variety of chemicals that are toxic or carcinogenic.

Not every accident is high profile, like the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon in 2010, but each incident should be fairly compensated regardless of size. It is a wise idea to consult an attorney after experiencing any oil rig accidents as soon as possible to discover the merits of the case and whether or not the injured party might be able to receive compensation to help her throughout the recovery.

When choosing representation, it is important to inquire into the attorney’s legal background. A lawyer who has previously argued such cases successfully in the past will have a working knowledge of the legalities and responsibilities of everyone involved, from owners to suppliers to the workers themselves.

An offshore incident that falls under the Jones Act is best litigated by a person who has a basic familiarity with Admiralty and Maritime law, while a family hoping to get recompense for the loss of an employee due to an oil rig accident is going to want someone with experience in handling Wrongful Death claims. With the right attorney, experiencing an accident on a high risk job does not have to leave the victim or their family helpless or financially strapped.