Why Offshore Injury Lawyers Are Vital After An Accident

by Terry Bryant

Are offshore injury lawyers truly necessary following an accident aboard an oil rig? The answer is yes. Not only are they needed, they will be instrumental in proving the employer’s negligence and maximizing the compensation the employee and/or their family receives.

From drill ships and platform rigs to inland barges and semisubmersibles, those working in the industry are faced with hazardous working conditions many miles from land. It is the job of the owner and management to guarantee those on board are well trained, equipment is functioning properly, and safety measures are heightened at all times. Yet, accidents still occur. Broken bones, chemical burns, back and spinal cord injuries, and death are some of what employees endure as a result. In a study conducted by the CDC, it was found that the oil and gas industry fatalities far surpass those in other industries by seven times.

From day one, having the help of offshore injury lawyers will protect the rights of those involved. Rig owners are known to place negligence on the employee in order to protect the company and their profits. An experienced attorney will ensure the proper maritime laws, such as the Jones Act, are closely followed. They will interview witnesses, collect evidence, and question industry and medical professionals in order to prove liability and maximize the compensation awarded. The employee may be compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, and current and future pain and suffering.

It is crucial to choose a licensed attorney specializing in maritime cases, as well as occupational health and safety. From a minor burn to a fatal fall, only an experienced legal professional has the knowledge to do right by the employee involved. While the harm has been done, it is not too late to defend employee rights and punish the negligent.