When Do Victims Of A Mountain Bike Accident Need A Lawyer?

by Terry Bryant

A mountain bike accident can be especially dangerous, as they typically happen in remote locations. The first priority whenever someone is involved in a crash is seeking medical attention, and if a person is out riding alone, they may suffer serious harm without immediate help. Once the victim has been treated, they can consider their legal options, which may be considerable depending on the nature of the crash.

When a cruiser or road cycle is involved in a crash, it is usually the result of a motorist not noticing the rider or ignoring traffic laws. A mountain bike accident is often caused by poorly maintained riding areas or by motorists not seeing the rider in time. In either case, the crash would have been completely preventable if everyone was observing necessary safety regulations.

An attorney will perform an independent investigation of the crash, and use its findings to build a case, along with police crash reports, photos, witness testimony, medical records and any investigation reports by additional agencies. For example, if the crash involved a commercial truck, a state investigation may be performed.

Armed with an overwhelming amount of evidence, an attorney will be able to negotiate aggressively on behalf of the victim. Medical expenses, loss of wages, disability and the emotional pain associated with the crash will all be addressed during negotiation, so with expert legal assistance, a victim can secure the compensation they need to begin recovery with peace of mind.