Causes Of Auto Accidents Resulting In A Motorcycle Death

by Terry Bryant

A motorcycle death is always tragic because it is often preventable. Bikes, with their small size and high mobility, are often hit by drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road or are attempting to make a dangerous maneuver. Even when riders are maintaining vigilance on the road, it may not save them from a driver who isn’t looking out for them. Unfortunately, the difference in size between a bike and a full-size vehicle often produces deadly accidents.

Many of these accidents happen when a motorist makes an overly aggressive left-hand turn or lane change, or when they open their car door while a rider is moving past them. If a driver collides with a rider while turning left, or rear ends the rider, the driver will nearly always be held accountable. It’s also common for a motorcycle death to occur when a driver sideswipes the bike. Many drivers aren’t accustomed to checking for bikes in their blind spots, and they can easily overlook a rider who is moving past them. Finally, parked drivers must look out for bikes as well as a simple car door can be enough to cause severe injury. Drivers that do not check their surroundings before opening their doors may be considered negligent if it results in injury.