Women Who Had Surgery Via A Morcellator Are Seeking A Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

Many women who have had a surgery that included the use of a power morcellator are seeking a lawyer due to the significant safety risks it poses to patients. These devices have been in use since the 1990s and are usually purposed for hysterectomies or benign fibroid removal. They work by employing a set of whirring blades that mince the problematic tissue, which is then drawn out of the body using a long cylindrical attachment. There are some complications with such a violent removal method, including an increased risk of cancer.

A number of women who have undergone treatment via a morcellator have sought lawyer assistance because they developed severe cancer following treatment. This is because minced tissue may be left behind in the body after surgery, and if the doctor does not detect the cancer prior to treatment, the cancerous tissue may take root in the body and begin growing. This problem was pointed out in a 2011 study published by Fertility and Sterility and was confirmed again by the FDA in April 2014. In fact, the FDA now discourages doctors from using the device to perform hysterectomies or fibroid removal, a significant shift in how this technology is perceived by experts.

In light of the recent safety reports, many victims are already pursuing litigation against several device manufacturers and doctors. Johnson & Johnson is among the defendants and has already pulled its devices from sale in anticipation of coming litigation.