Why Woman Are Filing A Morcellation Law Suit For Serious Injuries

by Terry Bryant

A surge of serious injury cases caused by morcellation has prompted law suit preparations around the country, and these claims will likely result in major settlements. Even as the medical field improves its technology by leaps and bounds, it still relies on these primitive devices in a variety of procedures. They are frequently used for hysterectomies and benign fibroid removal and operate using rather simple principles. However, they are often haphazard and can leave a patient in worse condition than before the procedure. In some cases, they can even cause cancer cells that were previously dormant to begin spreading.

These devices use a set of jaws to grind and mince tissue. The minced tissue is then drawn through a long cylinder that is fished through the surgical area. It is a minimally invasive and quick procedure, but it has a tendency to leave behind destroyed tissue, which can cause serious issues. In fact, most women who have undergone morcellation and are considering a law suit are doing so because they developed an aggressive cancer as a result of the treatment. According to the FDA, 1 in 350 women who receive the treatment have a hidden cancer that is undetected prior to treatment. Once uterine tissue is minced up, this cancerous tissue may have a chance to root elsewhere in the body and begin spreading. Several women have already died as a result of activated cancers, and some device manufacturers are considering pulling their products from the market until additional safety research is complete. Many of these companies are also expecting legal ramifications as well, and experts foresee lengthy settlement and court proceedings in the near future.