How To Find Legal Help For Mesothelioma Caused By Asbestos?

by Terry Bryant

The linkage between mesothelioma and asbestos has been firmly established by doctors and the vast majority of patients suffering from this form of cancer have been exposed to the material at some point. It was a popular building material in the late 19th century and wasn’t phased out until the 1980s. It was also used in many other industries, including the automotive, aerospace and even in some forms of clothing. It’s prized for its resistance to fire and shock, but it is also a deadly respiratory hazard.

When disturbed or exposed to friction or trauma, this material expels microscopic fibers into the air which are readily inhaled by people. Some of the fibers are so small that they are tinier than bacteria. When inhaled, the fibers embed in the tissues lining the lungs, provoking an immune response. White blood cells attack the fiber and attempt to digest it, depositing scar tissue in its place. However, the white blood cells aren’t able to digest the fiber and die in the attempt. This provokes more responses from the immune system, which results in more scar tissue and more changes to surrounding tissue. Eventually, fibrosis and mesothelioma occur, caused by asbestos.

This cancer is usually found around the lungs, but it can also occur near the abdominal wall or heart. Once found, which normally takes a long time because it produces general respiratory symptoms, the prognosis is bad. The cancer is almost always fatal and expected lifespan after its discovery is often counted in months.

For this reason, anyone diagnosed with the cancer should consider speaking to a lawyer experienced with these cases. A successful lawsuit may be able to help pay for medical expenses and help support a family for years to come.