Most Medtronic Bone Graft Lawsuits Make Two Primary Claims

by Terry Bryant

Legal experts are bracing for an onslaught of Medtronic bone graft lawsuits, and their number is growing by the day. This implant was initially hailed as a huge step forward for spine surgery, but now there’s nothing but controversy surrounding it. For the most part, the controversy is due to the company’s unethical business practices, as it has been used off-label extensively. This has led to a number of concerns about the implant’s side effects and long-term viability.

Most Medtronic bone graft lawsuits make two primary claims – that the company lied about the safety of its product, and that the company unethically pushed doctors into using it in procedures it was not approved for. With investigations from the Department of Justice and Senate Finance Committee on record, both claims have been unquestionably proven. The company has long pushed for doctors to use the implant in cervical spine surgeries, and this has led to inflammation around the neck area causing restricted airflow, chronic pain, nerve damage and debilitating weakness. Many people who have received the implant can no longer work due to worsening pain and weakness.

The company also spent $200 million on study authors to get them to publish favorable safety reports on the implant. Such malfeasance is extremely dangerous to consumers, and likely means that the company will not only pay out injury settlements, but punitive damages as well.

People who have been harmed by the implant are encouraged to speak to an injury attorney, as hundreds of claims are being organized into courts now.