Finding Help When You Are Involved In A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

by Terry Bryant

One of the most complicated suits to file is a medical malpractice lawsuit. With all that is involved in this type of case, it is important for the victim to contact an attorney that specializes in this area to have the best possible representation.  Hiring a legal representative that knows the ins and outs of this type of case can be the best ally for the injured patient.

When one begins the search for a qualified attorney, they need to find one that has plenty of experience in this area. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit will require the attorney to prove negligence on the part of the doctor or facility that provided treatment to the victim. It will also require that a doctor provide a certificate of merit for the victim. The attorney will likely have a reference for a doctor that can provide this to the patient. Once it has been determined that there is just cause to file the suit, the attorney will start the necessary paperwork and begin compiling evidence for the case.

Often times the physician and their insurance provider will decide it may be best to offer a settlement to the victim rather than face a jury for the medical malpractice lawsuit, depending on the circumstances and the severity of the injuries the patient sustained. In this instance, the attorney and the victim will need to decide if taking the settlement is in the best interest of the client, or if they will be better off going to court and presenting the case to a jury.  The latter often results in a higher settlement, but it is not always a guarantee and needs to be carefully considered. Hiring an attorney that is well-versed in these situations can prove to be invaluable for the person suffering as a direct result of their doctor’s negligence.