How Does A Maritime Injury Lawyer Use The Jones Act To Help Victims?

by Terry Bryant

A maritime injury lawyer can help a hurt seaman take advantage of their considerable legal rights following an accident, and make use of the powerful Jones Act to ensure any negligence is punished. Seamen face difficult working conditions on a daily basis, and these jobs can be extremely physically demanding. Even though seamen have to contend with such conditions, they aren’t afforded worker’s compensation in the event of an accident. Aside from basic maintenance and cure benefits, a hurt seaman can be left in a precarious position if they are too hurt to continue working, or need extensive medical treatment to recover.

Fortunately, these workers do have a major advantage in the form of the Jones Act, which an experienced maritime injury lawyer can build a claim around. The Jones Act grants qualified seamen rights similar to those that railroad workers enjoy, and perhaps the most important right among them is the ability to file a negligence claim against a vessel owner or captain in the event of an accident. These claims are presented during a trial by jury, and there is no cap on compensation, so while a seaman is not guaranteed compensation when hurt, they have a much greater chance of recovering full compensation for all medical expenses (both present and future), and any lost wages as well.

These claims have to meet a much lower standard of proof compared to other negligence claims, so qualified seamen do have options when involved in an accident. And an attorney can help a victim assess what those options are.