How Are Lung Cancer And Mesothelioma Different?

by Terry Bryant

Although lung cancer and mesothelioma share a lot of the same characteristics, and are both deadly diseases that require extensive medical treatment, they are caused by different factors and progress in different ways. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to pinpoint the cause of a tumor, especially when it takes decades to detect them in the first place. But this isn’t the case with mesothelioma, which is always the result of asbestos exposure. This is a primary reason why attorneys regularly represent victims suffering from the disease, as the cause of the tumor can easily be connected to a negligent employer or material manufacturer.

In general, lung cancer and mesothelioma present with the same symptoms, which often include fatigue, chest pain, coughing and labored breathing. As these symptoms are nonspecific, it may be years before an accurate diagnosis is made, and the tumors will spread during this time. To produce a clear diagnosis, a doctor will need to take x-rays and perform a bronchoscopy, along with a biopsy.

Once a diagnosis is made, the patient’s long-term prognosis is unfortunately poor. No matter the cause behind the tumor, less than half of patients survive a year following diagnosis. Among patients whose tumors were caused by asbestos, only four percent survive for 10 years.

People who are facing a deadly tumor will need all the help they can get from loved ones, and from an attorney pursuing their interests. In many cases, the victim has been harmed by another party, and has a legal right to compensation as a result.