There Is A Clear Link Between Lung Cancer And Asbestos

by Terry Bryant

Medical researchers have been clear on the link between lung cancer and asbestos for some time. This silicate, which was used extensively for decades, is the primary cause of mesothelioma and other serious health problems. The problem arises from how the silicate forms and how it is used. As the mineral develops, it generates millions of tiny crystals that material manufacturers mix into other building substances. This provides a great deal of heat resistance, which makes it an ideal additive to items that must resist friction or fire.

However, this resistance comes at a price. When the crystals are exposed and disturbed in any way, usually during renovation or demolition, they are swept up into the air and can be easily inhaled by anyone nearby. Once inside the body, the crystals punch into tissues and may settle there for many years. This forces the body to produce inflammation and scar tissue, building a mass that may eventually turn into lung cancer. This asbestos condition is known as mesothelioma, and it is almost always fatal soon after diagnosis.

Courts have consistently ruled in favor of victims of mesothelioma and other similar conditions. This is because employers and material manufacturers that expose workers to the silicate are considered negligent. If you have been forced to work around this material or other dangerous conditions, you may be able to attain compensation for your medical expenses and suffering.