Lung Cancer And Asbestos Are Clearly Connected

by Terry Bryant

Lung cancer and asbestos are clearly connected, and even though researchers have known there was something dangerous about the material for more than a century, the reality is worse than many realized. Comprised of millions of tiny crystal fibers, this silicate used to be a mainstay in the construction, aerospace, and automotive industries for many reasons. However, it is now illegal to use as it can cause extreme harm to anyone exposed to it for long.

The reason why the material is so dangerous is because it is so tiny. The microscopic crystals that make up its composition are swept up into the air when disturbed and readily inhaled. Once they are, they embed in tissues lining abdominal organs and attract an immune response. Connective tissue is deposited as a result, and this builds up over time, creating a fibrous mass that may become aggressive after enough time passes. This is where the linkage between lung cancer and asbestos is cemented.

It’s a condition known as mesothelioma, and more and more people are coming forward with a diagnosis. Perhaps most alarming, mesothelioma only has a single known cause – exposure to asbestos. It is fatal within months of diagnosis, and it causes rapidly worsening respiratory conditions as it spreads. But because it has a firm cause, people diagnosed with the disease have a clear case for compensation from a previous employer or construction company. This is why so many suits have already been filed, and millions have been paid out to families affected.