Hiring An Attorney To File A Low T Lawsuit For Testosterone Therapy

by Terry Bryant

If you’ve been prescribed testosterone therapy and experienced serious side effects, you may want to consider hiring an experienced drug injury attorney who can file a Low T lawsuit on your behalf.

Did you know that you could be at a 30% higher risk for heart problems thanks to testosterone therapy? Even if you remember a vague reference to possible complications, perhaps the explanation was confusing, or the risk downplayed?

Whether you were administered hormones via a skin patch, gel or injections, possible side effects are plentiful, ranging from mild irritation at the application site, to stroke and cardiovascular disease. If you’ve suffered severe side effects, a drug injury attorney might be able to help. He or she will fight to protect your rights and attempt to obtain financial compensation to cover your medical expenses, pain and suffering, missed days on the job, and more.

To get your Low T lawsuit off to the right start, be sure to provide your attorney with the following details:

  • Testosterone therapy prescription information
  • Name and contact information for the prescribing doctor
  • Medical history and records
  • Alleged side effects of testosterone therapy and treatment received
  • Name and contact information for the hospital or doctor(s) who treated complications

Don’t suffer in silence. Get the compensation you deserve and possibly affect positive changes within the medical and pharmaceutical communities by reducing the chance of someone else being subject to the same complications.