When A Medical Mistake Occurs A Lawyer That Understands Medical Malpractice Is Important

by Terry Bryant

Medical mistakes are common, and when one occurs, the victim should think about seeking the expertise of a lawyer. Malpractice attorneys are often the only people that can help when these types of errors cause injury. These errors are often fatal, and they claim around 200,000 lives every year. While they are common, these lawsuits are still lengthy and complicated affairs, so a victim or the family should consider seeking professional assistance to help the process along.

The first thing a victim should think about is seeking a free consultation with a lawyer. Malpractice attorneys that offer contingency fees only charge the client if the case is successful and only when it is resolved. This can be a major help to a family that has to focus on paying extra medical bills. The victim should verify this with the legal professional though, because some still charge by the hour and expect ongoing payments.

After consulting with the victim and coming up with a plan of attack, the professional will name the defendants in the suit and begin gathering information and experts for the victim. This starts the discovery and deposition phases, which are lengthy periods of case building using information gathered from the opposing side. Deposition, in particular, is a trying part of the process, as the defendant’s legal team may attempt to sabotage the victim’s credibility. To prevent this, it is best to have an experienced professional as an ally.

Anyone who has been misdiagnosed, prescribed improper medication or has suffered from a surgical mistake needs to think about their options. If the error is due to negligence on the doctor’s part, then the victim has a right to compensation for the harm caused.