Lawsuit Filed Against Two Houston Churches

by Terry Bryant

On October 1, 2014, a lawsuit was filed in Harris County District Court alleging that a local mega church’s “marketing scheme” led to the sexual exploitation of a 12-year-old member of the church’s youth group, both there and at the next church which hired this sexual predator without any proper vetting, investigation or training.

Second Baptist Church has a membership of over 63,000; with 5 campuses spread out over the Greater Houston area. It has an average attendance of over 24,000 a week, making it the largest Baptist church in the nation.

The unnamed victim was recruited to attend Second Baptist by Chad Foster, a high school pastor at Second Baptist’s Cypress campus. Thousands of “sexting” messages and Skype communications uncovered by law enforcement agencies revealed Foster’s acts of self gratification as he pressured the youth to take off her clothes, talk “dirty” to him and engage in sex. The lawsuit alleges that suddenly and without explanation, Foster was passed off to the Community of Faith Church in Hockley Texas. Called a “pied piper” and rock star to the youth, Foster led part of his following to Community of Faith, where the sexual exploitation continued. Foster is currently in prison serving a five-year sentence in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison.

It is alleged that both churches were in the possession of information sufficient to give a reasonable employer notice of the risk of harm Chad Foster presented to the teenagers under his power and control. The minor remains in therapy and a Writ of Attachment for an amount of money deemed appropriate by the Court to meet this child’s treatment needs was also included as part of the lawsuit.