Victims Wanting To File A Lawsuit Against A Drunk Driver

by Terry Bryant

It’s common for a victim to file a lawsuit when a drunk driver causes an accident resulting in injury. Negligence is usually the determining factor when determining what compensation the victim is entitled to. When a motorist gets behind the wheel while under the influence, though, they will typically be held responsible for any accidents and injuries they cause. However, the victim will still need to show that their injuries were a direct result of the wreck, and this is not always easy. An experienced attorney can help with this proof by gathering information to support the victim’s claim.

Once the victim has received medical attention for their injuries, they should consider approaching an attorney and filing a lawsuit against the drunk driver. The attorney will review the victim’s medical files and determine what injuries can be included in a demand package. Some injuries will be more difficult to prove than others, but the victim may also be able to attain compensation for emotional or mental suffering, especially if the victim has corroborating evidence from a mental health professional.

If the victim’s injuries appear to have been caused by the wreck, the attorney will put together a demand package that details how much compensation the victim will need for their injuries. In most cases, the defendant will respond by pushing for a settlement that is favorable to them. The attorney’s negotiation abilities will be extremely important during the settlement process as it can make a huge difference in how much compensation the victim receives. If both sides can’t reach a settlement, the case will go to trial. At this point, the defendant will attempt to undermine the victim’s claim that their injuries were caused by the wreck. For this reason, an attorney’s ability to gather information will be invaluable when filing a lawsuit against a drunk driver.

In the end, an experienced attorney should be able to attain as much compensation as possible for the victim and help them get their life back to normal.