The Main Goal Of A Jones Act Lawyer Is To Help Seamen

by Terry Bryant

A Jones Act lawyer is focused on helping seamen and maritime workers fight back when they are hurt by an employer’s or vessel owner’s negligence. It is unfortunately common, and these workers don’t have state worker’s compensation programs to fall back on when they are hurt on the job. Instead, they have to rely on the Jones Act for protection, and it does offer some significant help in the event of a seaman injury. However, an attorney will have to know the statute’s ins and outs to take full advantage of it and ensure a victim has a strong chance of recovering compensation.

With the help of a Jones Act lawyer, a seaman that is qualified through the statute has some powerful protections on their side. Perhaps the most important among these is the fact that a seaman can sue an employer for negligence. This is important, as they aren’t guaranteed compensation if hurt. And unlike most negligence claims, these claims only have to demonstrate a low burden of proof, so maritime employers are held to a much greater standard of liability.

Through the statute, qualified seamen are also entitled to maintenance and cure, which is compensation for medical expenses, room and board, utilities, and other expenses until the seaman has been delivered to a hospital and achieved maximal recovery.

This statute is extremely important for guarding seamen against sudden misfortune and employer negligence, and an experienced attorney can execute it to powerful effect.