Johnson & Johnson Products Linked to Ovarian Cancer

by Terry Bryant

Talc powder, the main ingredient in Johnson & Johnson products linked to ovarian cancer, is being thrust to the forefront of discussion. There are legal ramifications associated to the item’s life-threatening side effects. Recent studies, such as the one out of Harvard in 2008, has shown the application of Shower to Shower and various baby powders can increase the risk of tumorous growth up to forty percent. The study additionally substantiated in 2010 that the talc mineral found in these powders is a known carcinogen for human bodies.

The use of these powders around the female genital area is how this dangerous disease can form. If the talc inadvertently enters the vaginal cavity, the body immediately treats it as a foreign substance and creates a reactionary inflammation. This bodily reaction is normal, however the inflammation that is created provides an ideal environment for the growth of tumors. These initially benign growths can go undiscovered for quite some time, allowing them to develop into life-threatening tumors. Since talc has an understood association to the dangerous asbestos material, it has become evident that the daily application of these popular products can not only cause these tumors, but expedite their growth process.

As such, Johnson & Johnson products linked to ovarian cancer have become a very serious issue, with many women coming forward with the disease and filing cases regarding their regular usage and the relation to their side effects. A successful claim starts with finding a lawyer who is experienced in the personal injury field and who understands the current context of these items and their dangerous side effects.