A Jet Ski Accident Can Result In Severe Injuries

by Terry Bryant

In most cases, when a jet ski accident occurs, it is because the person operating it made a risky decision or was not properly trained to handle the personal watercraft (PWC). PWCs are tricky for people to handle at first because they cannot steer with accelerating and cannot reverse easily. This leads a lot of PWC operators into bad situations where they ram another vessel, run up on shore or strike an object in the water. However, there may be additional factors in play that reduce liability or split it among multiple parties. This will be important information to keep in mind if you are hurt as a passenger on a PWC.

A jet ski accident can result in some of the same injuries found in car wrecks. Severe physical trauma, including traumatic brain or spine injuries, is frighteningly common. And if the victim is not wearing a life jacket at the time of the wreck, they may drown.

In 90 percent of PWC crashes, the operator is responsible for damages and injuries. However, if the PWC was wrecked due to another vessel’s wake, the operator of that vessel may share liability. This is especially true if the other vessel was traveling at excessive speeds or whipping up wake in a confined area.

Regardless of the cause, an injured PWC passenger has a right to seek compensation if they are hurt. As PWC crash injuries can cause unforeseen long-term complications, it is important for a victim to consider their legal options.