Why Are People Consulting With An IVC Filter Injury Lawyer?

by Terry Bryant

More and more people that have received an IVC, or an inferior vena cava filter, have chosen to consult with an IVC filter injury lawyer. With this type of claim, it is important to consult with an attorney that has knowledge of product liability law. Product liability law can be disconcerting, but an expert will have the knowledge it takes to lead patients through the necessary steps. It is the rights of the patient to have safe products and in-depth description of the devices uses and ramifications. It is also the right of the patient to be represented by an attorney and to hold those companies accountable for their gross negligence.

Studies of the IVC filter have proven the FDA’s warnings and illustrates the dangers of this device. Of the patients who have the device, less than half had it safely and successfully removed. The number of complications associated with the device are staggering, and those affected should be aware that there is a statute of limitations. The statute of limitations will vary depending upon the state, but if the window of time closes, then patients with complications may not have any recourse. Since each situation and case varies from person to person, an IVC filter injury lawyer can take the time to assist patients on a case by case basis and determine whether or not they can help.