A Car Seat Can Prevent An Infant Death On The Road

by Terry Bryant

The most effective way to prevent infant death on the road is to place the child securely in a car seat. Even the safest driver is going to be involved in a minor accident from time to time, and what would be a forgettable fender bender to an adult can cause serious injury to a young child. This is particularly true of children under 1 year of age, as their bones haven’t fully formed yet and can’t handle as much stress as older children and adults. In fact, a young child is 70 percent more likely to be killed in a crash if they are not placed in a car seat. And it only takes minutes to do.

A car seat can prevent infant death by directing the forces involved in a crash away from the child. They are highly effective at preventing head, neck and spine trauma and can shield the child from debris and shattered glass. However, they have to be placed in the vehicle correctly. The seat should face the back of the car and be in the back seat. The shoulder straps should not touch the child’s neck, and the child should not be dressed in bulky clothes that may interfere with the straps in any way. Instead, place a blanket over the child once they are strapped in to keep them warm.

Eventually, the child won’t need their seat anymore, but if a parent wants to do everything possible to see that day, they should always protect their child with a car seat and proper installation.