Workers Hurt Offshore Should Contact A Lawyer As Soon As Possible

by Terry Bryant

A worker on board a commercial vessel who becomes ill or hurt offshore has some recourse when it comes to compensation. It is prudent for anyone injured working of at sea to speak with a lawyer as quickly as possible. Dealing with a firm that is familiar with Maritime Law, and particularly the law known as The Jones Act, is important. The laws governing accidents at sea are complex, so it makes sense to hire a firm with lawyers experienced in this type of law. Maritime claims and workers’ compensation have very different applications of the law.

How does the Jones Act relate to being hurt offshore? The Jones Act, sometimes referred to as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, is a federal law that protects American workers who become injured or fall ill at sea. The law provides qualifying workers the right to receive compensation from their employers for their illness or injury. Attorneys that are well-versed in Maritime Laws will have experience investigating the circumstances that lead to injuries and will file a claim, if warranted, to make sure justice prevails. Anyone injured at sea has specific rights, and a Maritime lawyer is best equipped to fight for those rights.