How Does A Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Build A Case?

by Terry Bryant

A Houston truck accident lawyer has to consider many factors when building a case for a victim, and these attorneys have plenty of claims to work with. The Bayou City continues to be one of the deadliest cities in terms of commercial vehicle wrecks, and with the city’s rapid growth, that doesn’t figure to change anytime soon. There isn’t a clear reason why the city has a staggering proportion of commercial vehicle wrecks (about 1 in 6 commercial vehicle crashes in Texas occur in Houston). However, it is probably due to the proliferation of construction, oil & gas, and petrochemical businesses, all of which require constant support by cargo vehicle drivers.

When a commercial vehicle wreck does occur, the liability may rest with the driver, the company contracting the driver, the vehicle’s owner, or the vehicle’s manufacturer. A Houston truck accident lawyer will need to review the reports associated with the crash, witness testimony, and other factors, like the contracting company’s labor and maintenance policies. For example, if the driver was pushed to drive to the point of fatigue, their employer will likely shoulder the liability. However, if the vehicle suffered a mechanical failure, then the vehicle’s owner or manufacturer will assume some responsibility.

Because several parties can be involved in a single claim, these cases are often highly complex and require special legal expertise to manage properly. Proper attorney representation can be worth millions in settlement value alone, so no victim should go without it.