Considering A Houston Construction Accident Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

With a Houston area construction accident lawyer, hurt workers can exercise their legal rights and have a chance at recovering the compensation they are owed. The Bayou City is one of the most active cities in the nation in terms of development, and thousands of workers are constantly laboring on projects all over the area. Most of these people are working for employers that do what they can to keep their worksites safe, but some of them aren’t. And even among those sites that are well-maintained, subcontractors and other workers can pose a threat as well, so injuries are unfortunately common.

When someone is hurt while working on a project in the Bayou City, a Houston area construction accident lawyer is often one of the first people the victim contacts. These claims can be highly complex, so they need to be managed by an expert as soon as possible.

In general, an injured worker can file a claim through the state’s worker compensation program and get compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and long-term disability. However, if an employer is part of the program, workers generally can’t sue them for negligence. If a subcontractor, like a driver or equipment provider, injures the victim due to negligence, the worker can bring a claim against them.

As multiple defendants may be involved in a single claim, and workers are often facing severe injuries, only an experienced attorney should be considered for representation.