When Is A Construction Accident Lawyer Needed?

by Terry Bryant

A construction accident lawyer has seen it all. They have seen scaffolding fail. They have seen workers injured after falling multiple stories. They have seen workers harmed by electrocution or fire. They have seen workers hurt by heavy machinery, by a careless driver, and by a collapsed trench. There is a lot that can go wrong at a worksite, and that means that a lot of protection has to be put in place. Sadly, this is not always the case, and it can lead to major incidents. That’s the primary reason why this industry is responsible for about 20 percent of worker fatalities every year.

When an incident occurs on a job site, a construction accident lawyer can help fight back immediately. A victim may not be able to file a claim against their employer due to stipulations with the state worker’s compensation program, but they can file a claim against other parties involved with the incident. This may include a driver who took a blind corner sharply and hit the worker. This may include the safety personnel responsible for inspecting fall protection harnesses. This may include machinery manufacturers.

In most cases, the employer will not be the only party responsible for the incident, and the victim may be able to recoup expenses from another party related to the injury. This will be much easier with an attorney, who can represent the victim during settlement and trial phases, and keep at a defendant until they provide the compensation the victim deserves.