What Is The Legal Process After A Houston Bus Wreck?

by Terry Bryant

A Houston bus wreck is no simple legal situation, as there can be many different parties involved, each with varying levels of liability. It’s common for people in the Bayou City to take charter buses to explore the city or to visit casinos in Louisiana. With all of this traffic, accidents can happen, and they typically involve a great number of people. Because of this, consulting with a personal injury attorney may be the best bet for anyone involved.

In Houston, a bus wreck can be so devastating due to a number of factors. The vehicles are enormous, and the way that they’re designed tends to make them top-heavy, meaning they have a higher chance to rollover in the event of a collision. They also don’t have seat belts, which often results in passengers being thrown from the bus. A rollover can cause glass and debris to strike passengers, and the twisted wreckage can result in severe lacerations and broken bones.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, it’s easy to see why so many people injured in this manner choose to hire a lawyer. Liability can be found at many levels, from the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicles themselves, to drivers and other motorists failing to yield or adhere to traffic laws. A lawyer experienced in these cases will make sure that no stone remains unturned, and that their client is represented properly.