Why Victims Of Amputation Injury May Want A Lawyer For Assistance

by Terry Bryant

People often lose more than a limb when they undergo an amputation, and a lawyer will ensure that the victim’s extensive emotional damages are also taken into account. Vehicle crashes, medical malpractice, industrial accidents, and dog bites are all common reasons why a victim may lose an arm or leg, and in most cases, these are caused by another person’s negligence. And while such trauma can leave a victim devastated, recovery is possible, especially when the funds are available for long-term treatment and therapy.

When working with a client who has undergone amputation, an injury lawyer will focus on the victim’s psychological damages as well as the physical damage. Of course, the physical damages are significant, and victims are often left with chronic pain. Victims usually have to leave their current line of work and may not be able to replace their income. The cost of prosthetics will need to be factored in, as well as the cost of replacements down the line.

But the disruption to a victim’s life is enormous, and often warrants additional compensation. A victim may lose the ability to enjoy the hobbies they formerly loved, may not be able to drive, and may not even be able to perform basic duties around the house. At first, a victim may be embarrassed by their condition, resulting in additional emotional suffering.

An attorney will make sure all of this is considered during settlement, and with aggressive negotiations, a victim will have a better chance of being awarded the resources they need to manage their recovery as they see fit.