Help Us Help You: Post Settlement

by Terry Bryant

Agreement; settlement

Agreement and Settlement

This blog post is part six in an eight-part series designed to help you understand how our office strives to best serve the needs our of clients and what you can expect as a client of the firm.

The sixth step in handling your claim is processing your settlement.  This step consists of receiving payment from the insurance company and handling your accident-related bills.

First, the insurance company sends our firm a check to compensate you for your injuries.  There is also a release for the client to sign along with the check.

Second, the firm goes through all of your medical bills that you have reported to our office.  We determine which ones need to be paid from your settlement proceeds.  We also pay all lien holders and subrogation parties.

Third, after all outstanding balances are paid, we inform you of the amount you will receive from the settlement.  Upon obtaining your approval, we return the release to the insurance company.

Finally, you are able to obtain your settlement funds paid to compensate you for the injuries you suffered.  You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the at-fault party has been held responsible.

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