Filing A Successful Head Injury Claim Will Likely Require A Personal Injury Attorney

by Terry Bryant

Filing a successful head injury claim will likely require the help of a personal injury attorney that is knowledgeable and experienced in this area. Unlike many other accidents, it can be difficult to tell what effect an incident has had on a person’s brain right away. Whether the incident was a closed brain or penetrating brain injury, it can be extremely debilitating, to the point where it robs a person’s ability to work and function normally.

Car wrecks, gunshots, workplace hazards, sport impacts and falls are all common ways a victim may suffer brain damage, and if another party is at fault, whether through malice or negligence, an attorney experienced in the field can help the victim get the justice they deserve. Before the head injury claim can be taken to court, the legal professional will consult with the victim about what to do and what information will be needed. Because the accident may have caused debilitating effects that are hard to pinpoint, this step is extremely important. Damage to the brain can cause anything from blindness, to impaired breathing to changes in social behavior. Because it is such a complex organ, the attorney will likely need to call on experts and doctors to support the litigation properly.

Once the defendants are named, the case goes to discovery and deposition. In this phase, both sides try to procure as much information as possible from the other side, in an attempt to build as strong a case as possible. Having a successful attorney is crucial here, and their experience will make it easier to target sources of info that are needed from the defendant.