Greyhound Crash Kills 1, Injures 17

by Terry Bryant

Early Sunday morning, a collision involving a Greyhound bus claimed the life of 1 woman and left 17 others injured.

The woman and a man were traveling on Interstate 30 in Arlington, when their SUV crashed into a concrete barrier and stalled on the road. Minutes later, a Greyhound bus carrying 40 passengers collided with the disabled SUV.

The male SUV occupant and 16 Greyhound passengers sustained injuries. The man was brought to the hospital because he suffered serious injuries. The remaining Greyhound passengers continued their trip from Dallas to Amarillo on another Greyhound bus.

Shortly before the collision, authorities were notified that the SUV was driving erratically and hit a concrete barrier. This report is still under investigation to determine the cause of the erratic driving. At this time, it is also unclear whether the woman or the man was driving the SUV.

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