Received Dialysis & Used Granuflo You Might Need A Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

Those who have received dialysis at one of Fresenius’s centers may require the services of a Granuflo lawyer. This drug has been connected to cases of alkalosis and cardiac arrest, and is believed to be responsible for nearly a 1,000 deaths back in 2010. This has been confirmed by Fresenius itself and by the Food and Drug Administration, which is currently investigating how the company handled the information.

The problem with this particular substance is that it has an additive effect on the amount of bicarbonate in the blood. Bicarbonate is an important part of dialysis treatment, as it is excellent at neutralizing acids that build up in the circulatory system. However, if there is an excess of bicarbonate present, it can cause alkalosis, which increases the risk of cardiac arrest or coma. A Fresenius memo passed around internally in November 2011 verifies that they were aware of the problem and of the additional risks it caused. An ingredient in the drug is broken down into bicarbonate by the body, and this leads to an excess amount of bicarbonate being administered by doctors.

Fresenius chose not to share this information with its center, doctors or with the public at large. The FDA only found out about it after an anonymous person forwarded the memo to them. Studies have shown that those who have received the drug are six times more likely to suffer from heart related problems.

Anyone who has received Granuflo needs a drug injury lawyer right away. An expert who is certified to handle mass tort cases can put together the information needed for the victim to attain compensation for medical risks. Many suits have been filed against Fresenius so far, so there are grounds for someone who has suffered as a result of the drug.