The Sucess Of A Lawsuit Against The Makers Of Granuflo Depends on A Good Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

Patients or family members of patients can file a Granuflo lawsuit based on what is believed to be negligent conduct by the Fresenius Medical Care Company. The dangers associated with the use of this dialysis chemical may make litigation necessary for fair compensation.

Granuflo is a powder product of Fresenius that is used during dialysis. This dry acid product assists with changing the ph level of the blood by being converted into bicarbonate. During kidney failure, a common cause for needing dialysis, the blood is unable to be properly filtered. This results in the use of a machine to remove waste, water, and acid. Unfortunately, bicarbonate levels that are too high can lead to strokes, heart attacks and death. Letting bicarbonate levels surge is a condition known as alkalosis.

The recall of the product, issued in the early months of 2012, is thought to have been prompted by the leak of an internal Fresenius memo. The memo, sent to Fresenius clinics, cautioned against errors in alkali dosing leading to cardiopulmonary arrest. If this is the true order of events, then Fresenius put the patients that use their products, but not their clinics, in danger by failing to properly warn them. This implication has motivated the Food and Drug Administration to investigate. Currently, Fresenius admits no wrongdoing, but is cooperating with the investigation.

Hiring a qualified attorney to assist with litigation can be the determining factor in whether a Granuflo lawsuit succeeds or not. Someone with experience in medication torts, and a thorough understanding of how the law works can typically get more done for a victim than a general practice attorney.