The Ongoing GM Ignition Recall In Vehicles Has Gained Much Attention

by Terry Bryant

An ongoing GM ignition switch recall generated much attention in 2014, and development in early November figures to make the situation even worse for the manufacturer. From February to June 2014, close to 10 million of the company’s vehicles have been targeted for safety reasons. They may contain a defective switch that may randomly shift into accessory mode, which disables the air bags, brakes and power steering. If it sounds like a serious issue, it’s because it is, and it has resulted in more than a dozen deaths already.

What’s even scarier is that the GM ignition switch recall was done only after the company knew about the problem for years. Company engineers detected the problem as early as 2001 and admitted to it as early as 2005. This is an unlawful activity that carries a fine of $35 million, enforced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Many injury victims who have filed suit against the manufacturer have cited this as a sign of the company’s negligence.

This negligence is starting to bubble to the surface, even up to the final moments before the recall. E-mail correspondence between the manufacturer and its switch supplier, Delphi Automotive, has confirmed that GM was attempting to replace the switches as recently as December 2013, months before the company revealed the concern to their customers. As the evidence of wrongdoing mounts against the company and more victims file product liability claims against it, experts are anticipating enormous judgments to be levied against the manufacturer.