A GM Ignition Recall For Several Of The Manufacturer’s Vehicles

by Terry Bryant

A GM ignition recall has been organized for several of the manufacturer’s vehicles due to faulty parts near the ignition block. While in operation, any vehicle with a faulty ignition can suddenly lose power, causing the air bag system, power steering or braking to shut down essentially. For obvious reasons, this can immediately put a driver in danger and has resulted in many deaths. According to the company, at least 13 deaths are linked to the defect so far. At least one watchdog group places the estimated death total at more than 300.

The move to implement a recall is controversial because the company has known about the problem for many years, and made only token efforts to correct it. The GM ignition recall comes 10 years after the problem was originally identified by the manufacturer, and it’s possible that the company will be in violation of National highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulations due to its lack of communication with the safety agency regarding the defect. This lapse in judgment has been the central point in hundreds of lawsuits organized against the company. Victims assert that GM’s negligence in reporting the problem and recalling vehicles right away resulted in many injuries and deaths that could have been completely prevented. The company likely faces millions in damages as it pays out victims and their families.