Accidents With A Garbage Truck Often Require An Injury Attorney

by Terry Bryant

Few vehicles are as dangerous as a garbage truck, and an injury attorney who oversees accident cases associated with them has to be ready for anything. With the possible exception of school buses, no large commercial vehicle spends more time driving through neighborhoods, and their erratic movement patterns can catch pedestrians and other motorists off guard. That’s why they are involved in more pedestrian deaths by mileage than any other commercial vehicle.

When a waste management vehicle makes its way through a neighborhood, it stops at nearly every home. With so many sudden stops and starts, it can be difficult for pedestrians and other drivers to predict their movements. As such, waste management vehicle drivers have to pay attention at all times and check their immediate area regularly to prevent accidents. The number one cause of these crashes is driver error and inattention, and so many drivers fail in this regard. Also, it is essential that the waste management company perform regular maintenance on the garbage truck. An injury attorney often oversees accident claims caused by mechanical failure. It could be brake failure, engine failure, tire failure, or even a malfunction with the arm responsible for picking up trash cans. For example, if the arm lifts too quickly, it may fling debris onto the road causing a hazardous situation, or hit a pedestrian, causing injury.

Accidents caused by waste management vehicles are often severe, especially when pedestrians are involved. Recovering from such an accident can take a lot of time and a lot of medical attention, but an accident lawyer can help ensure that a victim gets the restitution they need to recover.