Why Does A Garbage Truck Accident In Houston Occur?

by Terry Bryant

A garbage truck accident in the Houston area may not seem like a common occurrence, but these huge vehicles pose a serious threat to other motorists, pedestrians and the workers who do their job around them. Whether on foot or in a car, people have to be on their guard when around a waste management vehicle.  These large vehicles have a tendency to make sudden starts and stops, and their drivers often slip into inattention as they get used to the rhythm of starting, stopping and starting again.

When a garbage truck accident occurs in Houston, though, it’s not always due to the actions of the driver. These vehicles are often equipped with an automated gripping arm that grabs trash bins, picks them up, and empties them. If the arm isn’t controlled well, it may fling debris or the bin itself, possibly hurting anyone struck by the thrown objects. Debris left on roads can also pose a risk for drivers and could cause a crash.

Waste management workers have to contend with a number of dangers of their own as well. With so much heavy equipment and the frequent stops and starts, it’s not uncommon for workers to be struck by the vehicle or by powered equipment, causing serious crushing or lacerating injuries.

No matter who is hurt and how, an injury attorney can help the victim file a claim against the vehicle’s owner and do everything possible to attain a favorable settlement for the victim.