Fracking Oil Field Accidents Occur More Than Any Other

by Terry Bryant

Most people realize that working in the energy extraction industry may be risky, but workers are at a constant risk of an oil field accident, and many end in severe injury or even death. Because of this, it is best that anyone involved in an incident seek out the services of an experienced and successful oil field injury lawyer. In fact, between 2007 and 2011, occupations in this industry had the highest number of fatal incidents in Texas, and many can be attributed to negligence.

On average, 39 deaths were reported annually during this period, adding up to an unsettling total of 197 fatalities. The national rate for worker fatalities in all occupations is 27.5 deaths per 100,000, making the energy extraction field seven times more dangerous than the average job. An oil field accident is not just extremely dangerous, it is all too common. These incidents are also common during fracking, which is a newer method for releasing natural gas deposits in layers of rock deep underground. Fracking requires high volumes of fluid to be pressurized and pumped into the ground. This means a great deal of transportation and heavy equipment is required, and fatal incidents involving these two forms of machinery are the most common.

Three energy companies in Texas each reported more than three fatal incidents during this time period, and OSHA found all three in violation of several safety measures. The families of the victims won suits against the businesses, and received compensation for their incalculable suffering. Because these corporations are veterans in the courtroom, it is best for anyone involved in an incident to seek out the services of a top-flight lawyer who can help them get the justice they deserve.