Looking Into Filing Food Poisoning Lawsuit Settlements

by Terry Bryant

Patrons that have become seriously ill from consuming a product at a restaurant may wonder if food poisoning lawsuit settlements are likely.   Today, these types of cases are on the rise as the number of restaurants grows across the nation.  Consumers may become sick from food that has been contaminated by salmonella and e-coli from improper handling.

A dining experience is expected to be enjoyable and free from any issues that would cause illness.  When a person becomes ill from dining out, they may be able to file a claim. Terry Bryant, a reputable firm in Houston, Texas can answer questions regarding foodborne illnesses.

The time frame is important in these types of cases, so it is important to make a note of when the food was consumed, and when the illness began.  If the consumer waits too long, their claim may be affected by the statute of limitations.  Another factor that may help a case involves a government health agency being involved.  If the agency discovers an outbreak of illness from a particular product that many people consumed, the chances of a food poisoning lawsuit ending with settlements will greatly increase.

If you believe that you have suffered recently from food poisoning, contact Terry Bryant’s team to find out what compensation you may be eligible for.