General Reasons A Fire Accident Occurs

by Terry Bryant

The risk of a fire accident is constant in many work settings, and it can cause some of the worst injuries imaginable, leaving victims affected for life. These disasters are often the result of an explosion, which are often caused by major safety failures on the part of an employer or other party. In general, these injuries tend to involve larger settlements, as victims often experience long-term disability and disfiguring scarring, which itself can cause extreme emotional suffering.

Car crashes, products with defective wiring, poorly maintained industrial equipment, improperly stored hazardous materials, overfilled propane tanks – these are all common causes of a fire accident, and they are all usually preventable. For example, factories that work with wood or paper products have to handle a lot of dust that’s sloughed off during industrial processes. If not removed promptly, this dust will suspend in the air and can combust explosively even in the presence of a stray spark. Dust removal systems, though, can prevent this disastrous outcome.

Victims who are badly hurt by an explosion or open flame are typically subjected to terrible pain, which may become chronic even after treatment. Loss of limb mobility is also common following major injuries, and victims may have clearly visible scars and marks left over. If these scars are in a visible area like on the face, then a victim may seek additional compensation for emotional damage as well, in addition to medical expenses, lost wages, and the suffering associated with chronic pain and loss of mobility.

Because these claims typically involve larger settlements, they are usually strongly contested, so victims are encouraged to consult with an attorney immediately to consider their options.