How To Find A Houston Social Security Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

There are hundreds of qualified and experienced attorneys in the city of Houston. A Social Security lawyer can be researched by consulting lawyer ratings. These ratings help people determine which attorney is likely to do a quality job defending the client’s legal rights. An attorney’s abilities are judged in 5 separate categories. These categories are legal experience, legal knowledge, judgment, communication ability, and analytic capability. The importance of choosing an attorney that is skilled, ethical and qualified can be the determining factor in winning or losing a case. Someone should want to know more about the person they intend to hire than just knowing they have the appropriate degree.

Finding an attorney with board certification and previous experience in these types of cases is not as difficult as determining which will do the best work. It is always important to perform research and comparisons before hiring. There are multiple sites that relevant information can be found on. has comprehensive lists, while has ratings as well. Consulting the website for the State Bar can inform people if an attorney has had disciplinary action against them.

Using a Social Security lawyer for assistance with litigation and the claims process is something many choose to do. This program, implemented federally, assists the elderly and disabled by helping them with living expenses. Since people who are retired or unable to work due to their disability depend on Social Security benefits to live, hiring a quality attorney should be considered when this income is denied. The most common cause of litigation in this area of law is when a disabled person believes they are eligible, but have been denied.