How Is A Fatal Bus Rollover Accident Usually Caused?

by Terry Bryant

Dozens of people are killed in fatal bus rollover accidents every year, and in nearly every instance, the accident is due to negligence on someone’s part. Common carriers like Greyhound and the numerous companies that run charter vehicles have a duty to their customers to provide safe passage. When the common carrier fails to do so, they are liable for any injuries or deaths that occur in the process. Common carriers are held to rigorous standards like these because an accident involving a large passenger vehicle is typically devastating.

Large passenger vehicles are prone to tipping over, and they rarely come with safety restraints, so drivers must do everything possible to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, driver error is common, especially when a fatal bus rollover does occur. Driver error can range from speeding or changing lanes in a reckless fashion, to falling asleep at the wheel.

When driver error is present, the driver’s employer will typically be liable for any damages. In some cases, negligence on the common carrier’s part is also present, increasing their liability. Failure to maintain the vehicle, train the driver properly, or perform an adequate background check are all common instances of negligence, and warrant compensation.

When a family loses a loved one, they may be awarded compensation for emotional damages as well as damages resulting from medical and funeral costs. This includes the significant worth of the care and love the deceased would have provided, so while it is impossible to replace the warmth that a parent, spouse or child offers, at least a family can seek a small bit of closure with the help of an attorney.