What To Do When An Explosion Results In A Wrongful Death

by Terry Bryant

When an accident involves an explosion, wrongful death claims often follow, as these accidents often involve negligence at some level. Defective products, poor wiring and lax safety measures can all result in a major accident that involves a sudden detonation. They can occur anywhere, including the home, but they tend to happen most often in facilities that handle hazardous materials, or on roadways where vehicles are filled with gasoline. As such, it’s extremely important that workplaces and roadways are kept safe, and this requires people to observe critical safety measures.

An explosion that results in death is a devastating tragedy, and often one that could have been avoided if all involved had acted responsibly. For example, the West, Texas plant disaster was an instance of extreme negligence by the facility owner. Safety inspections were infrequent, training was poor and unstable materials, including ammonia nitrate, were not stored properly, increasing the chances of a fire and subsequent detonation. Sadly, there are many such facilities in the U.S., as facility owners and employers often sacrifice worker safety for greater profits.

On the roads, motorists are required to observe all traffic regulations and pay attention at all times, but driver error remains a serious problem. Vehicle crashes may involve combustion and detonation of hazardous fluids, especially when commercial trucks are involved in the crash, and this can make a severe accident even worse.

Defective products are a common cause of accidents as well, as faulty electronics and heating elements can fail suddenly, resulting in a disaster that no one saw coming.

When such an accident occurs, loved ones might choose to seek legal counsel, as they may be able to attain closure by confronting those responsible for gross, unacceptable negligence.