Is A Propane Explosion Attorney Just a Personal Injury Laywer Or Something More?

by Terry Bryant

Accidents are all too frequent at facilities that house fuel tanks, but a propane explosion attorney is there when an incident causes harm to a worker. These experts are the equalizers in the victim’s corner, and can deftly locate the source of the incident, determine culpability and represent the client during the process. A life changing, life threatening accident can occur at any time. On November 6, a flash fire at the AmeriGas Cylinder Exchange in Conroe injured eight workers. Some of the injured had to be taken to the hospital for severe burns. While it is fortunate that no one was killed in the incident, these victims may be scarred or disabled for life. When a negligent business removes a person’s ability to make a living, they should be held accountable, and the best way to do this is to hire a reputable propane explosion attorney.

These lawyers have prior experience, and thus know where to look for the critical flaw responsible for the incident. They have experts on call who know how to scan the area thoroughly. Accidents can occur for various reasons, including the location of the tank, negligent inspections, pipe leaks, illegal transfers, weather damage to piping, a malfunctioning emergency shutoff, flawed installation of a system, incorrect pipe diameter or inadequate above ground piping. Don’t rely on the police or fire department to reveal everything about the scene. They don’t work for the victim, but a lawyer will, and their job is to present the most airtight case possible to the court. This makes them a major ally in the fight for fair restitution.